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The collection is unique. More than 3,000 ceramic plates, drawn, painted by hand and baked in the oven. Showing Churches, Chapels, shrines, monasteries and chapels of Catalonia.

The visit is of great interest to your style changes according to each region. It is an architectural beauty thanks to the fruit of the efforts of our ancestors, and that as a collector I am proud having the moral duty to preserve and expose to the public. It is the historical monument of each of the peoples of our country, Catalonia.

The collection can be visited free of charge.

The collection was inaugurated the day December 4, 1994

With the assistance of:
  • Honorable Sr. Joan Vidal Gayolà
    President "Centre de Promoció de Cultura Popular i Tradicional Catalana"
  • Honorable Sr. Antoni Subirà y Claus
    "Conseller d'Indústria"
  • Illustrious Sr. Alcalde Francesc de P. Cunill Valls
  • Excellency Mons. Joan Carrera y Planas
    Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese
  • Joan Capell Gorina
    Rector of Òrrius
  • Local and Regional Information and the presence of TV3, Press and other news Regional level accompanied by the residents of Òrrius